After School Hustle

Be a coach

We create free skill-building workshops for teenagers in Berlin. Our coaches are professionals in their fields and teach on a volunteer basis. You can be one of them.

Workshop format

Currently we offer one-day workshops on weekends. From 11am to around 5pm. We have an average of 8 teenagers participating. The workshops are highly practical – no need for long lectures. We would rather use the time to create meaningful and tangible output.

Domains of expertise

Photography & Film
Graphic Design
Music Production & DJing

How would this work?

1. Send an introduction email or call
2. Meet with us to see if we get along
3. Set a date and topic for the workshop
4. Develop a structure with support from us
5. Show up and teach (we will be there too)

Contact us

Pawel Mordel
+49 175 325 65 19

A workshop at After School Hustle.