After School Hustle


Since fall 2017, After School Hustle has beebn providing free skill-building workshops for teenagers in Berlin. Led by accomplished professionals in their respective fields, these workshops do not only equip the participants with the necessary foundational tools to develop skills, but also illuminate where persistence can take them. Funding for the program comes entirely from private donors and all coaches are volunteers.

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We want to shape and inspire teenagers in Berlin, so that they can reach their full potential. After School Hustle has the goal of becoming a new pillar of the education system that significantly impacts the lives of teenagers through high quality instruction and inspiration. We teach concrete skills, build confidence and show options in life.


Our core output are workshops. These are experiences where teenagers engage with professionals from various disciplines in practical work. Topics so far included visual media, journalism, webdesign, musik production, entrepreneurship, data analytics and many more. We belive that with competence comes confidence. And both are essential in life.


Main Supporters
Beisheim Stiftung H&M

Further Supporters

Berliner Sparkasse
Qatar Foundation International
Stiftung Pfefferwerk
Fritz und Thekla Funke Stiftung
Moritz H‘lawatscheck & Friends
Walter Franz Maschke
Hochschule Ansbach (Bildungspreis 2019)
Stiftung Bildung und Gesellschaft (Sonder-Primus Startklar Juni 2019)
TEST Berlin
Native Instruments

and many individuals with donations below 500 Euro.


After School Hustle is a non-profit corporation in Germany (gemeinnützige Unternehmergestellschaft) since November 2017. Pawel Mordel is the founder, sole equity holder and manager of the firm.


Regular school cannot provide everything a young person needs. We want to fill the gaps. Wasted potential, feelings of uselessness and shame need to be prevented. These issues are of great concern to us and we are highly motivated to devote our work to address them.


All coaches are voluneers. These are people who are competent and successful in relevant professional domains and have a desire to support the next generation. After School Hustle allows them to occasionally teach in their free time and to become part of a responsible community.


As 21 January 2020

Workshops: 114
Average workshop size: 7.6 teenagers
Teenagers who partipated at least once: 329
Of which more than once: 46%
Average workshops taken per teenager: 2.6